Thursday, December 18, 2008


I'll tell you one of my darkest fears. I fear that the future of the personal car is going to look increasingly like that of the personal computer; fascinating, frustrating, full of unrealized promise and real disappointment. With that in mind I have been trying to re-envision my future without focusing on cars. Frankly I've been searching for something to take the sting out of my embrace of the broken automotive dream. In this spirit an idea came to me. Hoshi needs a cocktail!

So I'm really hoping that someone will come up with a bottle of celulosic ethanol for me this holiday season. Getting the ingredients right is going to take a lot of testing of course. I would really like to find a quafable variety of antifreeze though that would probably be redundant. I do like the aesthetics of the drink pictured above. Variations could include olives or olive oil as an homage to biodiesel. A cherry or cherry blossom to remind us of Japan would be good. This is going to take a lot of time. I welcome your suggestions for the "Hoshi" aka the Sidetrack.

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